Bluetooth, EcoLine, Woooooow! und mehr. Zu Gebrauch und Funktionen von Anglizismen in der deutschen Anzeigenwerbung

  1. Hanna Stypa


Bluetooth, EcoLine, Woooooow! and more. On the usage and functions of Anglicisms in German press advertisements

The language of advertising is both strongly formalized and instrumented. All of its components are aimed towards the main goal of all advertising campaigns — persuasion. In order to ensure a desirable level of effectiveness, different types of linguistic means are applied. On a lexical level, they are for instance foreign language borrowings. The above article is devoted to Anglicisms in advertisements appearing in a weekly magazine Der Spiegel. The following research questions have been attempted: In advertisements of which products are Anglicisms frequently used? In which part of the message do they appear most often (headline, text body, slogan)? What form do they take (single lexemes, word groupings, or sentences)? This work has also been aimed at defining the functions of the extracted linguistic entities (among others, attracting the receiverʼs attention to the message, increasing attractiveness of the message, evoking positive associations connected with a given product, creating the undertone of modernity, openness and relevance to the outside world).

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Germanica Wratislaviensia

139, 2014

Pages from 309 to 322

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